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  • Name: Automatic shrinking film charter
  • Numner: YH B
  • Date: 2014-09-05

YHB series of automatic shrinking film charter

YHB Series Specifications Model: P25 P45 P60 P80 P100

Ying-hui Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. in the development of customer needs packaging equipment for the purpose of commitment to new product development and research, for alcohol, beverages, food, chemical and other industries to provide a good packaging equipment. Tailored for customers to meet customer demand for differentiated product packaging.

YH F40 design features

♦ Linear sub-bottle, horizontal wrapping, equipment operation is reliable, stable

♦ Fully automatic PCC control system

♦ Suitable for a variety of bottle type, bottle type conversion fast and convenient

Unique film feeding and shearing device to adjust film length accurately

♦ Biaxial upper membrane device, convenient for changing membrane

♦ Professional design of hot air variable flow channel for the box, shrink film uniform appearance

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