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    人才招聘 JOB


Electrical Engineer
University degree or above, male, automatic control in terms of 3 years or above working experience in industrial, programming work, field work experience, familiar with a variety of PLC programming (Mitsubishi, Siemens S7300), familiar with the servo control systems.

1, provide training opportunity for the staff.
2, the company has staff canteen, provide working food freely. Wrap the staff quarters, with air-conditioning and hot water (free).
3, the rest 4 days per month, working 8 hours a day.
4, according to the company system of social insurance and personal accident insurance.
Salary negotiable
marketing management

1 familiar with the domestic and international market situation, is rich in domestic and international marketing theory and marketing practice experience, reputation and trust are higher in the majority of users of the
2 independent ability to plan and organize marketing activities; have market research and analysis of the ability of independent judgement; have strong internal and external communication and coordination and team cooperation ability;
3 have a college degree and above, with senior marketing, technology, economic management or professional qualification.
Salary negotiable

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